Blue Horse Hotel Management Company was created with a lean approach to a profitable business management model. After many years of working in the corporate hospitality world our team realized that we had to take a new approach in supporting the investors of hotel real estate. We believe the hotel operator should take on a shared responsibility of an owner’s success and not just focusing on driving fees and allowing costs to grow.

The Blue Horse Hotel Management Team’s approach to performance is based on 5 Key Elements of Success


1. Developing aggressive sales and marketing plans that are aligned to meeting financial targets. Taking full advantage of the global distribution channels that are both on and off-line. A clearly defined plan to increase direct sales to the property to drive positive Rev Par index

2. Working closely with the investment community through relationships. Developing the necessary Business Plans to achieve successful financing for hotel investment.

3. Creating a defined performance management culture that drives return on owner investment. Working with hotel ope

rators to achieve the monthly budget hurdles and aligning owner expectations with the management company.

4. Creating exceptional guest experience solutions, that are relevant to each individual hotel while understanding what is “Best In Class” for the market and how to “Out Perform the Competition” through a clearly defined service delivery approach.

5. Training plans for both front and back of the house teams that are fresh in approach, energetic and productive. Development of employees to feel a real passion to serve their guests. Training will be knowledge based in their area of expertise. The Blue Horse Hotel Management Team will identify and source top talent worldwide to enhance the hotel’s operating performance.